Klang Sub 1 Wiess Powered Subwoofer


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Due to the simplest plug-and-play installation, the clang sub1 is immediately ready for use with any television from the SL3 series onwards ? for the ultimate in audio enjoyment. Discover a 2.1 audio system with full bass for a more dynamic sound. The unique feature of latency-free Bluetooth connection allows you to pair the compact subwoofer with your TV. The result is a perfectly balanced sound experience for maximum listening pleasure without sound delay, annoying buzzing and disturbing wires between the subwoofer and TV. It has a small size and big performance thanks to the innovative audio technology inside, the clang sub1 is only half the size of devices with a conventional subwoofer design. This means that this space-saving powerhouse fits perfectly into smaller living rooms without any kind of vibration. By the way, if you own a third TV with a regulated audio output, it’s possible to connect the clang sub1 to it.

Thanks to excellent German engineering and the latency-free Bluetooth connection, the clang sub1 couples wisely with the TV. It’s free of any sound delay and without any annoying buzzing meaning you can enjoy a perfectly coordinated sound experience.


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