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LX-NZ30 Laser DLP Projector

LX ?NZ30 Projector
From high-definition 4K/HDR to large-screen gaming, bring bright and smooth images to your living room. Broaden your applications and enjoyment.
Enjoy 4K/HDR movies, streaming video, and high frame rate gamingright in your living room with the LX-NZ30, featuring BLU-Escent,a laser light source that delivers 3,300-lumen brightness and a long 20,000-hour life, as well as support for high frame rate input at up to 2K 240Hz. The new model, which is full of projection technologies, broadens your usage and enjoyment of large-screen home theater projection.

Bright and Real High-definition Images Right in Your Living Room
The LX-NZ series has always delivered high-quality images even in environments where light cannot be completely shut out, but the new LX-NZ30 features an even brighter blue laser diode light source, BLU-Escent which combines high brightness of 3,300 lumens with a long life of 20,000 hours to enable enjoyment of 4K images even in brighter environments. This brighter light source also improves peak brightness when projecting HDR content, allowing users to enjoy more realistic images with a wider range of sensations.

Dynamic Light Source Control for Realistic Image Reproduction
Laser light sources can control light output instantaneously, enabling dynamic brightness adjustment with minimal delay. The Blu-Escent laser light source enables control of laser output optimized according to the brightness of each scene, reproducing images that resemble human perception.
Bright and Colorful 4K Images
he bright DLP projection system featured on the L X – N Z30 usesa0.47-inch DMD device to display 4K resolution (3840×2160), which is four times higher than Full HD (1080P), in full detail. The bright, vividly colored,high – definition 4K image sallow viewers to enjoy a sense of presence and depth as if actually being there in the same place.



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