PI4 Wiess Bluetooth In Ear Headphone with Mic ( Black )


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The aptX codec gives you pure, unmatched audio, whether you’re traveling, moving, or standing still in the sound.
Move freely with noise-cancelling microphones that cut out distractions before they reach your ears?keep out the buzz of traffic, terminals, underground, and office environments.
12-hour battery life allows you to go from night to day without missing a beat. If thats not enough, a 15-minute quick charge gets three hours of immediate playback.
Soft silicone and rubber together make the PI4 feel specifically designed for how and where you listen. Soft and durable, these headphones are built for how you live, every moment and every day.
Magnets clip the earpieces together when you take them off, automatically pausing the music. Unclip them and pick up where you left off.



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